Container boiler plants

Container-type boiler plants are more and more widely used, in particular there where there is no possibility to make available a separate boiler room where a period of a demand for heat is measured in months, as in the case of the construction sites. They are applied to the heat generating for the residential houses, commercial and services complex premises, hotels, resorts. They enable to limit an external transmission network contributing at the same time to decrease energy losses during its transmission. An assembly time is shorter than in the case of the traditional boiler plant.
Depending on the needs, the container boiler plant may supply technological steam or hot utility water. It can be built on the basis of the steam boilers, steam generators or water boilers. The container-type boiler plants delivered by us are supplied with gas or oil, and when necessary they are equipped with a two-stage burner. In the case of the oil boiler plants we offer also as a part of the supply the oil storage reservoirs in the separate container.
We offer container boiler plants both for sales and for rental. The delivery includes a complete boiler plant with an equipment, design, assembly, and personnel training.